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Head App Developer

Computer Science graduate trying to serve the Ummah with his knowledge and skills. Also loves RuneScape (Oldschool).

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Ismail Fateen

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App Developer

I'm 15 years old―new to the programming world and always learning!

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App Developer

Developer with occasional perfectionist tendencies. Hoping to contribute to Islam by coding. And I also bake here and there.

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App Developer, UI Developer

UI and GFX artist for Salam App.

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Ahmad Sauood

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App Developer

Student of Knowledge in the fields of Cyber Security & Theology, and a Khulafa Rashideen fan.

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Muntasir Enam

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App Developer

Developer, Gamer, Moderator at MGL and junior dev at Salamlabs.

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App Developer

I contributed to the app's development.

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App Developer, Backend Developer

I love working on cool things. I slightly contributed to the app.

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Content Writer

History text writer for Salam App Themes, Salam App tester.

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Content Writer

Person of lesser than average importance who, on occasion, may perform some tasks.

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Web Developer

A backend developer interested in things.

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Golam Moula

bangladesh flag

Web Developer

I write code and want to make opensource islamic software.

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